Thursday, April 09, 2009

From Nepal with love

Here is one very special man who embodies all the good things in life; he is also very courageous in his quest, especially to ride a bike around the world!

Which got me thinking about the benefit of the bike ... funny how we can always find the money to widen roads for more cars …and yet not do anything serious about fixing pavements, or even building a cycling/running/walking route within the existing structures all over town. Doh! Forgot about all the pollution that makes walking impossible! If only we could have a moratorium on massive development and car imports, maybe then we can enjoy and maintain what we already have … with some peace and quiet ….

If this wonderful man, Pushkar Shah, has shown us anything in his drive for peace, it’s that peace is a choice, peace is attainable, because peace comes from the heart, but you need to recognize it first.



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