Saturday, April 25, 2009

Moab musings

Trees destroyed to make way for a larger highway between Amman and the airport, 
opposite Yaddudeh, a few kilometres south of Amman ...

‘If Mohammad would not come to the mountain, the mountain will come to Mohammad ...’ So said hubby this morning as he arrived in the computer room carrying a refreshing tray of coffee and treats, for his much frustrated wife who could only access half the internet today!

Probably just as well if you survey the planet these days, all kinds of hobgoblins and hooligans popping up in every corner, what with the Americans just realizing that violence is endemic in their society including violence against women; Clinton recognizing America’s role in the dire state of Pakistani affairs … “we should have filled the vacuum after the Russians left Afghanistan”, (!!!@*& ...??) to Obama flip flopping his way through the maze of American/AIPAC foreign policy and the home truths of torture …. I sure did once have a dream … but it was only a dream!

And so ‘on on’ as the Hash House Harriers would say, as Jordan celebrates Earth day with tree planting here and there, and slates 10,000 trees along the airport road with destruction to, presumably, make way for wider roads and the complexities of a population explosion.  And meanwhile in Egypt, a local sheikh issues a fatwa against the Jordanian government because it is thinking about passing a law limiting child birth … 

“Look here voice of doom” bellows hubby from the other room, I want to buy a dark mysterious car …


“Shoo barifnee … New, not a scratch on it … lots of power … to scare people ...  LOL … to compensate for all my complexes … got it?!”

Well no …. Hubby with complexes??  And what might they be??

“Complexes of a suppressed man ….”

Me:  laugh out even louder ….

“trampled with the clutter of life … and the pain of income tax files.”


It’s that time of year you know … it’s that time of year every day it would seem!







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