Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Brief Comment About Honor Crimes

The last posting by T highlighted progress in an otherwise depressing situation. Hopefully the judge who sentenced the man to 15 years hard labor for murder will set a precedent. In the meantime, the laws must change. It is easy for an outsider to criticize the legal system in Jordan because is too lenient on the perpetrators of honor crimes. I know it is for me. My brain cannot wrap itself around the emotional, psychological, or traditional duty-bound mindset that would tolerate such murders. However, I have heard from a number of people that foreigners’ involvement, particularly on this issue, can actually get in the way and slow the legal and educational changes needed to eradicate the practice. This is unfortunate but understandable because no one likes to admit things that reflect badly on one’s country especially to an outsider. So I was pleased to read the letter in Sunday’s (October 18th) Jordan Times written by an Arab man, possibly a Jordanian, condemning honor killings. As more Jordanians speak out against honor crimes they will put pressure on lawmakers and Parliament to make the necessary changes so that these murderers will be severely punished.



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