Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Justice denied anywhere diminishes justice everywhere:

... said Martin Luther King, Jr. : 1929-1968

I am deeply troubled by the wanton murder of the British tourist in the beautiful Roman theatre in the old city centre of Amman and my heart goes out to his family. When is this spiral of violence and hatred going to end? We understand the trigger, but for this Jordanian it stewed his brains.

And until the rule of international law is applied equally within the Middle East (including Israel - because whether it likes it or not it is part of the Middle East, not Europe), there will be no justice in the world and the innocent will pay the price of the sins of apathy and silence with their lives.

William H. Beveridge wrote “Misery generates hate” in the preface to his book 'Full Employment in a Free Society' (1944) viewed as the founding manifesto of the Welfare State. But even if we look at that statement in a broader context, we can see where hate takes us in this part of the world ..... into walls of more hate, more violence, racism and intolerance - Israeli style - simply because 'injustice generates hate too'. J


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