Sunday, January 28, 2007

Shopping in Amman

I set out on a quest this morning to buy 2 children’s DVDs to send to my daughter in America. According to her these DVDs, in Arabic are wonderful and she wants them for her children. Presently three of them have been produced….check out www.littlethinking and she wanted me to get Shapes Around Us (Al-Ashkal min Hawlina) and Animals Around Us (Al-Haywanat min Hawlina). I went to the great children’s book shop Hakawati and found the Shapes Around Us which I paid JD13 for, but unfortunately they didn’t have the other one about animals. I then went to Music Box where they had all of the selections, but they wanted JD 15, 2 JDs more that I had just paid. Of course I am used to finding different prices in different shops and occasionally I will pay the difference, but 2 JD”S??? No way!

From there I decided to check out the newly opened Carrefour, which thankfully was nearly empty, quite a contrast to the last time I was there and had to push my way through mobs of gawking people. Unfortunately I had no luck, so went on to the “airport” Safeway. I had forgotten that their music/DVD department was also run by Music Box, but no worry, the guy who was supposed to be manning their desk was off on his break for ONE hour, so there was no help for me there anyway. After phoning my savvy son who knows where everything is, I tried one last shop, maybe they would have this elusive DVD. Guess….do you think that I found it??? It was straight up 12 o’clock; the notice on the door said “we are Open” but unless I broke the glass, there was no way that I was going to get inside. Upon an inquiry to the next door neighbor, I found out that he would be there at 1:00, if I could wait just an hour, maybe I could stop my quest. Needless to say, I drove back home, frustrated with my running around, but armed with “one more place” to try this afternoon. If the Mecca Mall Prime Mega Store doesn’t have the Animal DVD, guess that Malia will only get the one….unless I send someone else out to buy to the more expensive one at Music Box that I refused to buy!


Blogger MommaBean said...

Just wanted to second your daughter's love of these videos. I hadn't heard they'd come out with Shapes all around us. I'll have to get it. We started with their first one with the kids when we were in the US. They are awesome and the kids still love them.

Thursday, February 01, 2007  

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