Friday, June 15, 2007

cheating landlords

I have a Filipina girl come once a week to help me with my housework. She lives downtown and shares a small room with her cousin. I was shocked (don't know why!!) to find that they pay JD80 per month for this small room with no bathroom or kitchen facilities, but even worse is that they pay a minimum of JD 10 per month for electricity and all they have are some lights and a small tv in their room. As for water they pay JD 3 a week as the building has been cut off from mains water because the landlord has not paid his bills. My water bill for 3 months is about JD 5. If they complain the landlord just says go and find somewhere else. With rents going up it is impossible for them to find different accommodation and they are far too scared to complain to the authorities. Are there are any laws regulating the renting of rooms/apartments/houses and what the landlord should provide? T


Anonymous kinzi said...

Hi T, I was hoping someone would come up with some of the facts you asked for. For as long as I've known Filipinas/Sri Lankan women here, they have been at the mercy of cheating landlords and threatened into paying what ever is required.

Friday, June 15, 2007  

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