Sunday, June 24, 2007

I wish George W and Tony Blair had been with me this morning

I wish George W and Tony Blair had been with me this morning.

Up at the Jordan Red Crescent Hospital there is a programme run by the JRC and MSF (medicin sans frontieres) to treat injured Iraqis. I have been up there before but today was just more emotional and heartbreaking. To see this little 5 year old girl with burns over her body and her arm in bandages with the sweetest little smile on her face was truly humbling and hurtful. She was just one of many others who have appalling injuries due to this disgusting war that has been waged by the US and UK.

I took Cole Miller up there to meet Dr Mohammed Al Hadid the President of the JRC. Cole has his own organisation ( which helps bring Iraqi children, who have been injured by American munitions, to the USA for medical treatment. Not only does he get sponsorship to treat these young victims but he involves communities in the US to get to know these children so they understand what is going on in Iraq. He truly is an inspiration. T


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