Sunday, June 17, 2007

Oh for Christ's Sake ....

The arrogance of western hegemony is at it again under the guise of professed expertise in international security….that's the reason we are in this mess in the first place. Just read the recent article by Joris Voorhoeve on the Middle East's five crises in the Jordan Times … every other word makes me sick to my stomach … that self righteous 'holier than thou' white man's logic that got us into this mess many centuries ago … and now they think they can impose what was obviously the deception all along – divide and rule…. and more violence for ever and ever, amen.

He talks about the UN, the Security Council the EU and the Arab League … as bastions of all that is pure and holy and right … forgetting all along that these tools of the political trade lost their moral compass long ago. The founders of the UN post WWII must be turning in their graves to see their courageous and human stand against evil and power politics being ravaged by precisely those who do what they do in the Middle East, through lies, distortion, corruption, and self serving rhetoric …. Rhetoric and apologists for the State of Israel it seems, is all they are capable of these days, they can't even enforce the dozens of UN Security Council Resolutions outstanding against Israel that would have brought peace decades ago.

The saddest part of all is that the communities of the Middle East fall for it every time; we are all guilty for the mess in the Middle East that has been building up to this for the last century. Why do we continually confess to being in despair … it should not have been a surprise. We fall victim to the lies, corruption, violence time and time again, pawns in the hands of a perpetual power game, where peculiar notions of honour have twisted the Arab moral compass at every turn …pitting Muslim against Muslim, Arab against Arab.

And then we have Zionism just down the road, a fascist political doctrine that feeds on racism and violence (note what is threatening to happen to Iran and Syria from the Zionist (or Neocon) camp from Israel to US) … We don't need the likes of Voorhoeve to dictate what needs to be done in our own newspapers at this time … space and respect should be given to our own and action taken based on 'indigenous thought'.

The question is … can the courage be found to unshackle Arab cultural and political identity from layers of censorship so that it may take its rightful place within the league of nations and do a bit of dictating of its own? J


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is always easy to complain. If the people in the Region took care of their own problems instead of acting like victims, no one would be more pleased than the USA. Allowing mad men to threaten the peace and security of the world causes others to meddle in the affairs of the Region. The person who wrote the article is not a U S sympathizer; he' Dutch and Holland has been very sympathetic to the Region's position.Why can't a coalition of Egypt, Jordan and Saudi control the situation in Iraq? Do youn really believe the answer was to let Saddam stay in power filling mass graves with the bodies of his own people?

Sunday, June 17, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice one, although i didn't read the article but i read yours (i don't like Jordan times choice of writers or articles)

The saddest part of all is that the communities of the Middle East fall for it every time that is the reality of things here, sometimes its akin to holding a carrot on a stick infront of starving horse. the fact that he can see it is enough for him and when he's exhauted from chasing the carrot he will either die or chaos will over come him and he will rampage.
thats what has been done to us in simple terms and the only way around is to to have some leadership able to first educate the masses in what they need to do to get to a better situation and then lead them, for we are too complacent and trusting to be just lead at this point since we are unable to make a correct choice on who should do that(never did by the way)

anonymous let me guess ? a USian ?
first of all if we were playing on a leveled field yes we would have straighten things out a while back. but reality is we are not ! the reason is that whenever the population moves in the right direction the foreign agents help the team that will do their bidding . (never blame the puppet blame the puppeteer)

Allowing mad men to threaten the peace and security of the world causes others to meddle in the affairs a bit ironic but yeah am with you a 110%, let the EU preemptively invade the US and bring it under colonial control for if you are as delusional to believe a war on an emotion after all this time then you are .....
Do you even start to understand the situation in Iraq to mention those three countries ? go do some reading.

though finally yes, in retrospect it would have been alot better for the iraqis to have Saddam instead. they would have been more than 650,000 livier(read that number again thats more than double the total amount of mass graves that u mention, and they were over more than a 20 years of rule! )
and more than 5 million less refugees .

so go look for your WMD's am sure you will find them again. too bad you won't be reading this tho..:P


Sunday, June 17, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bambam The comment proves the point. Puppateer? what no free will? The region has the resources. It can't be pushed around unless it enjoys its victimhood. Its always some one else preventing the Region from moving forward. Iran moved. Viet Nam moved. Egypt moved.Iraq is moving. all with less etnic cohesion and resources. Get real.

Monday, June 18, 2007  
Blogger joladies said...

Anonymous 1 - I take it you are American - therefore you did not understand what was written, unlike Anonymous 2 and yes I know he's dutch ... a former Defence Minister to be precise, but why do I have to accept his dictates? No I don't want Saddam (CIA stooge) and I don't want Bush either (who is currently filling more graves than Saddam), nor a Dutchman, nor an Australian et al and the politics that come with them. Your comment "allowing mad men to threaten the peace and security of the world causes others to meddle in the affairs of the region" ... why is that? Why destroy sovereign nations because of a few mad men who are persona non grata anyway...
Yes it is easy to complain, it's also easy to refuse to see the wood for the trees ... you need to look beyond. I was expressing a feeling (my democratic right n'est pas?) from the inner reachings of the soul because I am fed up with precisely what you are saying ... meddling in the affairs of our world. thanks for engaging though and would suggest you read a book "The Ornament of the World" by Maria Rosa Menocal ... J

Monday, June 18, 2007  
Blogger joladies said...

Anonymous 2 Bambam - Thank you ... Interesting comment about the Jordan Times ..! J

Monday, June 18, 2007  
Blogger No_Angel said...

You actually came back :D
Let me avoid the free will argument because i think its slightly out of your league of knowledge in this region.
Just to prove my point with your words Iran moved. after the shah puppet goverment was removed and after ties with the US have been severed
Viet Nam moved. After the US left and the domino effect theory was bitterly dropped, hell if you left it to kissinger he would have stayed and fought.

Egypt moved.After the British goverment left, now that is a point to your claim since the difference with all the previous examples they had something worth fighting for (suez canal), the others were not worth it.

Iraq is moving. Huh ? am i living in a parallel universe here. If anything its moving alright but not in the positive light that use that word in

Case in point am not saying we don't play the victim part well (we still can't touch the champions in that domain) but the article was exactly pointing to the way your comments came off.

LET me spell it out; we don't need people advising us on what we need to do to get better, especially when they lack the basic knowledge to spew all the stupidity that they dictate to this region. You are exactly proving that point with your empty rhetoric

Monday, June 18, 2007  
Blogger joladies said...

Bambam ...:D

thanks for getting real! .. J

Monday, June 18, 2007  

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