Friday, July 13, 2007

A chat with a Director at a University in Lebanon – June 2007

I sat in the waiting room
On two counts:
How would it all unfold in Lebanon,
the Middle East's jewel in the Arabian crown;
And how would my son fit into life at uni with all this uncertainty?

My turn, and I went into the director's office and met a charming lady of stature, herself a former graduate of years long past;
"Do not fear" she said
"It will be solved, it has to be!
We cannot live like this.
We are all so tired of this insanity."

"No time for peace, nor the joys of childhood … how we all survived is a mystery."

And I felt the sadness all consuming
As her head dropped, her eyes glistened and the
Corners of her mouth symbolized the pain of decades of man's inhumanity to man;
and the unfathomable question: why? … why do people not matter in politics?

But then it passed, replaced by hope; a smile and a determined
dignity that it will be solved.

"It simply has to be …" she said, raising her head high,

"… for the sake of … everyone … the young …!".



Blogger MommaBean said...

And so returns hope. The blessing which allows us to overcome.

Sunday, July 15, 2007  

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