Sunday, July 22, 2007

Of Squirrels and Espionage

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'Spying squirrels apprehended near the Iranian border …' I read this morning;
And I had to laugh! But I truly could not make any sense of it.
'what's going on here' I asked hubby over breakfast as we tucked into some zeit and zartar, olives and lebaneh … that all Arabian breakfast.

'Fabrication or Fact?'

"Well … the Iranians are a little paranoid, the squirrels could have been tagged for scientific purposes…" …

"Do you blame them being paranoid" says me "they're about to be obliterated off the face of the planet by the world's only superpower …"


"I find your madness cuter and cuter" says hubby all bubbly "hello pretty" he adds …

"Hello pretty mad blonde bombshell, right! What the hell do you mean now??" shouts me back in return as an olive goes flying across the table …

"We were talking about squirrels, habibati, and you turned the subject into the wider dimension of excusing paranoia …."

Paranoia or propaganda, fact or fabrication, I am still no nearer to understanding the role of squirrels in the wider scheme of espionage … or even, come to think of it, the current state of men's minds ...

Maybe it was an intelligence agent-cum-scientist with a terrific sense of humour … just testing the great human potential for sensory perception – proving that squirrels on the prowl in Iran really will send people nuts!

Point proven!



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