Sunday, December 02, 2007

hurrah for Mercedes and Pharmacy 1

We are all so ready to moan and complain about this and that. Well I am ready to give a bit of praise out!

My car decided to jump out of gear whilst driving along a highway which could have been dangerous but luckily I managed to coast to the side of the road and it then righted itself. So, off to Mercedes (Gargour) and they got their roving mechanic to check it before allowing me to drive anymore (safety so important) and it has gone off today to be mended. It was a pleasant experience (although a nuisance!) to be taken care of in such an efficient and polite manner.

Pharmacy 1 - went to get a prescription and they were so helpful and nice. They did not have what I needed but immediately checked their stocks to find out that they did have the medicine and then offered a free delivery to my home within two hours and it arrived as they had promised!

So there we are, it can be done and two companies in Jordan have one very satisfied customer. T


Anonymous kinzi said...

T, that is news worthy of praise! Very good point, that there is MUCH good to celebrate here in Amman.

Very glad you are safe.

Sunday, December 02, 2007  

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