Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A day in Aqaba

Just spent a few days in Aqaba, recouping, resting and relaxing ... so I went and sat on the jetty and as it was too cold for a swim decided to take the camera instead ....

Local boys fishing sardines for lunch on the shores of the Red Sea

Dilemma of 'Al Shorcuk' - Solution found!

Yet another five star hotel under construction with a relic of a ship grounded on the shore, the 'Al Shorcuk'. The saga of this ship has been going on for quite a while, but as I sat and watched the boys having fun fishing I suddenly thought what a great idea it would be if 'they' turned this ship into a floating learning facility for kids such as a library/hands-on museum/even video centre with documentaries about saving the shoreline and the coral reef, or learning about life under the Red Sea (even an extension to the Aquarium) so that the local kids can be integrated into all this development in a rather novel learning environment .... well, at least that's one way to recycle this mound of metal that defies a solution.

Seagulls in flight ..... J

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