Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fiskian words

Words cannot express adequately the diabolical state of mind of Bush and his cohorts in that axis of evil known as the Quartet.  Ah, I hear you say, but an axis only has three as in its usage during World War Two, so how can you include the Quartet .... a group of four .... and so we ramble on with words that no longer have meaning, nor value, which is becoming very Fiskian at the moment!   I object to the compelling word 'quartet' used in this context, when it normally applies to creative genius in the writing and musical fields. 

Ever heard of the Valley of Peace initiative,  on top of the mountain of other peace initiatives that have fallen foul of the Israeli desire for conflict?

Well, it seems that the Israelis in their infinite wisdom prefer not to deal with international legitimacy, but rather to circumvent it with business opportunities for their friends in high places ... hence the latest scam as in the words of none other than the President of Israel in referring to the Palestinians: 

"They haven't established a proper government and they don't have an army.  We can't unite them and we can't divide them.  We can't help them politically. We can only help them economically.  Today, it's possible to coordinate economic aid with both the Jordanians and the Palestinians."

Note the: "we can't help them politically" bit.  I thought this must have been a quote from the latest satirical quip from Israel, but then I remembered, most of their comedians left for the US when Nathanyahu hit the scene back in the 90s, disgusted with zionism and it's racist bent. 

'We can't help them politically' keeps swirling in my head.  

What does that mean exactly?  Perhaps it's this: we can't remove checkpoints; we can't stop the settlers; we can't stop expanding settlements; we can't stop the military occupation; we can't stop demolition of houses; we can't stop invading schools, houses and hospitals; we can't stop blowing up ambulances; we can't stop sniping at civilians; nor stop women in labour dying at checkpoints because of the checkpoints and we can't remove the checkpoints ... because of what again???

And all because Zionism in its incredulous philosophy and raison d'etre, always has to have an enemy at the gate and if they can't find one they will create one.  

So once again, a people without an army, without a proper government, politically divided because of Zionism, without anything in fact, are not allowed to have political rights or human rights,  just economic ones.  

And we go along for the ride!

Oh Lord, I understand why you have forsaken us so. J


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