Friday, May 01, 2009

Gaza on my mind ... again

After the 100 days of Obama's presidency has passed, the only thing that stuck in my mind was the comment Clinton made on the jailing of the Iranian/American reporter, Roxana Saberi, who was freelancing in Iran without a proper permit.

..." Clinton raised questions over Iran’s legal process and said it was a nation that appeared “impervious” to human rights concerns and “civilised standards”...  

'What a yoke', as hubby would say of this crazy world, without belittling the personal plight of Ms Saberi ... 

Is this all Clinton can come up with when 'human rights' issues are concerned? And what of the rights of Arabs of Palestine living in Gaza .....?   Ooops silly me, I forgot they are branded non- human, therefore does not apply!  

... and meanwhile on the distant shores of the Mediterranean, in the middle of the East,  Israel's imperviousness to genuine human rights concerns and 'civilised standards' in Gaza and beyond continue unabated for more than fifty years.  The fact that this situation does not seem to have any effect whatsoever on Clinton's sense of moral values - a situation that affects the traumatized lives of 1.5 million people, as opposed to '1' as mentioned above - has reached the point of a political farce. 

The words of Rami Khouri best sum up the status quo in this article, when he writes of the deceptive calm in Gaza:   

"It’s very simple, really. When Jews were dehumanised and brutalised in Christian Europe, they broke out of their siege and created their state of Israel. The Palestinians are now at a similar stage of national traumatisation, resistance and rebirth. Human beings do not take kindly to being miniaturised. "



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