Monday, May 26, 2008

white lines that disappear within weeks

How do we improve the driving habits here in Jordan???? There is an endless list but to start I think it is important that the roads are well marked as it is difficult to drive down a wide road with no lines and know where to put your car. At crossroads a couple of heavy white lines would certainly slow drivers down.

It seems that the Municipality have the same idea but their implementation leaves a lot to be desired. I just wonder why they bother to paint all the lines which disappear in about two weeks. Is it the tendering process where they choose the cheapest paint offered? Or is someone creaming off the money with inferior paint?

There are many subtle and psychological tricks that the Municipality can use to slow traffic down instead of the horrid speed bumps that they put on the roads which take one unawares as they blend into the surface roads and most are without warning signs.

I just cannot understand why this is not done. Instead of spending thousands of dinars on celebrating Independence Day why not spend it on some decent paint which will help save lives? T


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