Wednesday, June 11, 2008

7 tons of plastic part 2

I was reminded of fellow blogger T's post about the tons of plastic that litter the countryside, when I returned from a trip to Aqaba recently.

Just on the outskirts of Aqaba as the Wadi al Yetum winds it's way upwards out of the beautiful mountain range that skirts the red sea town of Aqaba, we were greeted by a miniature forest of black that suddenly appeared in the desert, directly opposite the newly established truck stop/depot. And as the hamseen wind blew up a storm, the weird image of millions of bits of plastic dancing in the wind while smothering wild desert plants, was a sight to behold.

So I thought it timely to repost this information provided by 'anon' in a comment. Messrs Carrefour, you did it in Turkey, how about trying it out in Jordan too ... for is it not time to do something drastic about plastic?



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