Thursday, June 05, 2008

Tippy Toeing Through the Tulips

Ok, so the news is horrible as usual. With Mr Obama being defensive about his 'Israel' policy claiming that the security of Israel is sacrosant and non negotiable and that McCain's quip about Hamas welcoming an Obama presidency, was 'offensive and disappointing'. And what of my security Mr Obama? The only thing offensive and disappointing is that he has to go to such lengths of appeasement to clinch the presidency. And then that little 1926 ditty of Tiptoe Through the Tulips, made famous by Tiny Tim in the 60s, suddenly popped into my head. So here's my version with or without a musical accompaniment:

Spring has gone, yet we still tiptoe through the tulips
with whomever is flavour of the month in America.

So Mr Obama, when you tiptoe from your pillow of integrity,
out into the shadows of demonic foreign policy,
why won’t you tiptoe with me?
With me, the one from Arabi?

Knee deep in flowers you may be,
but I won’t keep the showers at bay,
when they come;
if you continue to stray from my sanctity,
sacrosanct too in this land of Arabi.

And if you kiss in the garden of Eden,
under the Arabian sun,
and thy will be done in Jerusalem
Alas, we come not to tiptoe I fear;

For will we … ever pardon you?



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