Saturday, May 31, 2008

Al Nakbeh

On this last day of May I have a comment about Al Nakbeh before it fades for another year. Israel has celebrated its 60th birthday, and Palestine has mourned the catastrophe of its loss.

I believe that the United Nations’ decision in 1948 to partition Palestine to create Israel was illegal and immoral. Regardless, the UN did it and Israel is a fact. Unfortunately, in the decades that followed the Arab Israeli conflict has always been defined as ‘controversial.’ Think about what that means – the subject is too debatable to debate! It isn’t a politically correct subject for discussion, and I personally have been told this, uncountable times, by people in order to avoid the subject. For 60 years much of the mainstream media, many powerful politicians, elected officials, writers, publishing companies and others who have influence on public opinion have actively prevented the whole truth about Israel from coming out. Whether these people employ self-censorship or have succumbed to coercion doesn’t matter; it has been a phenomenal whopper of a conspiracy. But I think their days may be numbered. The Palestinians won’t go away; their persistence and influence are growing daily. The truth of what has happened and continues to happen to them in their homeland is being heard by more and more people all of the time. I believe there is hope that the Palestinians will get adequate justice so that their troubled land will have peace.



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