Wednesday, May 28, 2008


From demolishing legitimate businesses such as this one to the ultimate act of evil of demanding the demolition of an orphanage  in Hebron, Israel has excelled itself in the realm of crimes against humanity.

But does it matter anymore when Israel the great, the above-the-law land of the free, the untouchable, carries out crimes against humanity?  Just because it's free does it have the right to freely annihilate another people not of their liking?  There are only two words that equate with this kind of contempt for humanity:  nazism ... the belief in racial superiority this time Israeli, supported by an extreme right wing dictatorial political system, zionism .... just like the fascists of Europe at the turn of the twentieth century.  

And meanwhile, our government and the rest of the world, sit idly by and do anything  to stop this evil in its tracts.  What more does it take - another holocaust - no wait, that won't happen, Israel has the monopoly on that word .... how about total annihilation, ethnic cleansing, genocide .... and outright deprivation and murder .... do these words mean anything any more to anyone in politics??

I suppose not .... with the likes of Bush, the untouchable, around....



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