Wednesday, May 28, 2008

why does the world bow down to Israel?

Orphanages, schools, charitible societies, homes, chicken farms, cement factories, the list just goes on and on and all these and more have been subject to the Israeli Defence (?) Forces bulldozers and destructive vandalism.

Do the Israelis want to make every Palestinian into an enemy? I think the answer must be yes because the more they humiliate, antagonise, attack and take away all the meaning of life for the Palestinians engendering more hatred this feeds into the Israeli psyche and motives and gives them an excuse to grab land, expel, confiscate, humiliate etc. The Israelis don't want peace they just want land that is free of the indiginous population.

In Hebron the IDF issued orders for the closure and confiscation of orphanages, schools and other facilities run by the Islamic Charitible Society. They have confiscated food, clothing, school, supplies, refrigerators, two buses, ransacked 2 bakeries that provided bread to the orphanages removing all the equipment. They raided the girls orphanage and looted the workshops of its sewing and processing machines, office equipment, rolls of cloth, finished clothing and supplies. This has been publicised and monitored by a Christian Peacemaker team and internationals from all over the world.

"They came at 4 in the morning with 2 bulldozers and they left before 8 am. I own this chicken farm with my 3 brothers and we worked day and night for 18 years to build up our business. The Israelis destroyed everything in less than 4 hours." 15 kilometres away from the remains of the chicken farm are the ruins of a cement factory razed by Israeli bulldozers on May 24.

Today Bishop Desmond Tutu is in Gaza at the start of a delayed UN meeting into the killing of 18 Palestinians, all members of the same family, in Beit Hanoun in November 2006 by Israeli artillery. The Israelis would not give him a visa at the time so he has had to get into Gaza thru the Rafah crossing point.

Two days ago President Jimmy Carter spoke at the Hay Festival and said the blockage on Gaza by the so-called Quartet was 'one of the greatest human rights crimes on earth' and that not to talk to Hamas was unrealistic when everyone knows the Israelis themselves were negotiating with them through an Egyptian mediator. He also criticised Fatah for the exclusion of Hamas.

We all go on and on about Palestine about what should be done, could be done and will be done but I come to the conclusion that a so-called democracy (for the Jewish people only) gets away with flouting all UN resolutions, Human Rights laws and so forth. There is just no hope when an occupying power brutalises the occupied. T


Blogger MommaBean said...

How much more would we accomplish if the global media would admit two clear and obvious facts... the Israeli government is the most well-funded terrorist organization in the world and the Israelis went from victim to perpetrator in exactly the same way that abused children often become abusers. Good thing they've got a big brother to back them up, always benefits the bullies...

Thursday, May 29, 2008  

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