Saturday, June 07, 2008

Musings with mulberries

‘Breakfast is ready’, I shouted out to Hubby pottering about the house in preparation for a trip down south. Breakfast, that wonderful start to the day that nurtures the soul with delectible delights from Arabia that can no longer be taken for granted. With all this talk about food security, food riots, and the ‘blame it on China’ rhetoric, it certainly is food for thought … at least.

And as we tucked into homemade ‘mutabbel coussa’, olives and a delicious bowl of seasonal ‘toot’ or mulberries that seem to be in abundance right now, hubby’s hand suddenly appeared hovering over the zeit and zartar.

“Are you okay” says me a bit concerned that he was having a seizure … I should have known better!

And as hubby turned on the charm with that cheeky grin, he paused while plucking a mulberry from the plate as his hand hovered overhead;

“Life is like a plane flying straight sometimes, confronting turbulance at others ….in the hope of landing safely, all parts intact.”

And as his hand landed on mine, I couldn’t help blurting out “And on the way trying to avoid Elmo’s fire at all times”, as thoughts drifted far away to son at uni in Beirut …. safe for the time being, at least.

For we had landed safely, but will they? J


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