Tuesday, June 10, 2008

graduation for those less fortunate

Graduation day for those whose physical bodies do not match their mental abilities! It is very uplifting to see these children without limbs or their bodies so distorted they cannot walk, singing and putting on a play and receiving their graduation certificates with smiles on their faces while their proud parents watch.

The Al Hussein Society for the Physically Challenged is always facing difficulties in providing all manner of support for this sector of society. They exist on private donations rather than Government support (a few seconded teachers) and do a marvellous job. I salute an NGO that does not have workshops in 5 star hotels and spends its donations on those who are needy. T


Blogger No_Angel said...

Allow me to add, they need any help they can get :D really they have some of nicest people on staff, and they care so much that they used to even organize intra NGO programs (bringing SOS kids to work and help in the summer).
Thanks for reminding me of them, been a while since i helped over there

Wednesday, June 11, 2008  
Blogger MommaBean said...

Okay, I love their used goods shop, but do have one small comment to make. Not sure if you can affect change, but... Last time I went over there I was actually pretty uncomfortable. The lady manning the check-out was new (and extremely nice), but it seemed like they were playing some sort of Quran piece from the loudspeakers. While I have no issue with people listening to the Quran, in a retail shop I found it a bit off-putting. I haven't been back since (it's been maybe 3 months). I guess if their target market doesn't include folks like me (foreign Christians), it's fine. But it may serve to define their market a bit more tightly. I had been visiting about once a month bringing back the books I bought the month before and buying more (yes it had become my own private, fee-paying library). But I am glad they have great services. Maybe I'll just overlook this fairly superficial issue and brave the shop again :).

Thursday, June 12, 2008  

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