Friday, October 31, 2008

Until we meet again, Father Michele

I was literally stunned to read the very sad news of Father Michele Piccirillo’s passing. Jordan has lost a true friend who gave 40 out of 64 years of his life to a cause that gave so much to so many. Although I did not know him very well personally,  his presence  as a scholar working for greater understanding of history as a means to peace, his impassioned advocacy of archaeological preservation and above all his spirituality and love for the land embodied in his work at Mount Nebo, has left its mark on a region and its people so desperate for peace. 

We can only hope that the call by Father Bader to honour the memory of this great man, will also include preserving the sanctity and integrity of the land surrounding Mount Nebo.

I can only pray that ‘his will be done’ ….

Thank you for all that you do, Father Michele, may you rest in peace.



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