Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Just returned home after a pleasant dinner with a few friends, where the conversation inevitably turned to politics and the injustice that the Palestinians have to live with year in and year out; whether Obama will make a difference; will zionism prevail ... etc etc .... when I come home and found the following in my inbox from a fellow iPeace member. So allow me to share a little bit of hope: J

"It’s time to sing and act for Gaza".

Concert title: Gaza Concert
Concert slogan: It’s time to sing and act for Gaza
Concert time: On 27th November, 2008
Place: Rashad El-Shawwa Cultural Center – Gaza
E-mail: gaza.concert@gmail.com

From the heart of Gaza a sound of hope. Performers from Gaza will gather to tell their stories in song and music, calling for a better life for Palestinians who have suffered for decades at the hands of injustice and stereotyping in the media.

Gaza Concert is an event bringing inspiration for many Gazan singers who are eager to speak out and tell their stories through music and song. The event aims to unite musicians and singers from different parts of Palestine to sing for unity, peace and justice. In spite of all the sufferings, the hopeful event aims to revive the Palestinian spirit by music from Gaza to the whole world.

Recently, all sectors of life in the Gaza Strip have been negatively affected by the unjust siege imposed on civilians. Life is worsening day by day in the Gaza Strip affecting children, women and the elderly. They have but one dream: to lift the siege and lead a decent life.

Palestinians are looking for a just solution and for a way out of the despair and torment they have been living with for years. The siege is not the only problem; but the violence that takes hope away is just as big an obstacle.

Despite this, talented Palestinian singers and musicians are uniting together in Gaza to create a unique musical concert to sing for Gaza and for peace. Participants want to put hope back into the minds of children and smiles on their faces after years of stress and mourning the loss of loved ones and for some, even their homes.

Join us anyway you can, even if only in spirit, on 27 November - for it's time to sing and act for Gaza"


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