Monday, November 03, 2008

Doha Debates

I happened to tune in to the Doha Debates last night ... for a routine dose of debating entertainment. Tim Sebastian, you excelled yourself this time with the choice of candidates. Very clever! For the tone of self righteousness and absolute belief in one ideology that spewed forth from the mouth of Danielle Pletka, Vice President for Foreign and Defense Policy Studies at the American Institute for Public Policy Research, during the Debate is still ringing in my ears. Out of all the arrogant statements that left the most nauseating feeling, was the one expressing a feeling that “having a degree would help me rise up from the gutter … obviously it hadn’t here” meaning in Doha and by extension the ‘Arab World’.

It is precisely political animals like Ms Pletka who could do with a solid few years ruminating in the gutter of our collective humanity so that she may one day understand why the rest of us (degree holders alike) are so against neoconservative policies of Republicans in the USA such as John McCain et al … that great humanist who dumped his wife following a car accident that left her crippled for life. And don’t get me started on Palin …. that gun totting hockey mum (I have great respect for hockey mums … just don’t want them in the highest office on the planet plotting the next ‘game plan’)

Dr. Michael Signer, a foreign policy expert, summed it up when he said “thoughtful and deliberate qualities (in a President of the USA) were of paramount importance during the present troubled times. It is time we had a president who thinks before he acts rather than acts before he thinks.” Fine words, but …. will they prevail with all the existing rot devouring its way through the corridors of power in Washington?

At least the people spoke and rejected the motion. But did it have the power to change minds set in stone like that possessed by Ms Danielle Pletka? Would it be too much to hope that all this change that is imposed on the rest of the world, can now be turned on its own maker?

We shall have to wait and see! J


Blogger joladies said...

I started watching but just could not listen to what that woman had to say. I suppose it is good to face the bigotry and opinions of others but it does amaze me what comes out of the mouths of supposedly 'educated' people! T

Monday, November 03, 2008  

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