Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Moab musings

The art of spin is getting on my nerves …. particularly when it appears in our JT editorial on the subject of Iran …. who wrote this piece … someone at the American embassy??

Can we please concentrate our energies on solving the real problem in our midst … the Palestinian one … why should we play Israel’s spinning games? Arabs always lose anyway. Remember that other oil well fiasco between Iraq and Kuwait a decade ago and the consequent wars of dominion by America et al. ... say no more!

So now we have to put up with more of the same spin in our own newspapers. And by the way I thought the Fakkah oil field was abandoned years ago …. “If it was one of the richest” as the editorial claims … wouldn’t it be operational at full blast by some foreign oil company sapping the country dry? And as for the JT suggesting that sending in 11 soldiers … repeat 11 … into a border region that has been disputed for a while “can send one signal only, and that is that Tehran has aggressive designs on more than one front” … made me LOL all over my coffee spilling it all over the mince pies … damn! Perhaps I should seek compensation … for psychological distress and loss of a valuable commodity!

So here’s what we do … for every mention of the word Iran in this piece of verbiology, substitute USA (or anyone else, your choice) and you get a very clear picture!

I’ve ranted enough, after all it is Christmas … good will to all men etc. unless of course you are born Palestinian. It is a sad day indeed that Egypt has also fallen under the spell of dominion by denying international peace activists the right to march into Gaza at the end of December in solidarity with the people of the ghetto that is Gaza. So much for good will that deems a march for peace unworthy and a war of attrition the desired thing to do – how absurd.

Where has our humanity gone …. disappeared with all the flowers no doubt!



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