Friday, June 12, 2009

1,200 tests a year in Jordan

I have just finished reading Rana Husseini's new book 'Murder in the name of Honour' which is an excellent read but, of course, profoundly disturbing. The relating of real stories from Jordan and all round the world show how much this terrible crime is a world wide problem. Rana has done a brilliant job with her investigative reporting here in Jordan over the years and this book is the culmination of her work.

Today I read that, here in Jordan, 1,200 women per year have vaginal examinations to see if they are virgins. This is the most horribly embarrassing medical examination and for young women to have to go through this is just appalling.

I am hoping that the new laws will help to address the problems of murder committed in the name of 'honour' and that severe penalties will be handed down by our judges. But they have to get through the Parliament first and as the vast majority of members are men what chance is there? T


Anonymous kinzi said...

I just finished it too (saw some names I recognized in the back :D)

I was shocked, and I thought I was beyond shock-able on this.

Glad to hear I wasn't alone.

Saturday, June 13, 2009  

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